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Welcome to Tyler Blackburn Network, your premier fan resource for the talented actor, Tyler Blackburn. Tyler is best known for his role as Rosewood's resident hacker Caleb Rivers on the ABC Family hit show, Pretty Little Liars as well as the short-lived spin-off Ravenswood. Since 2011, we have strived to provide fellow Tyler fans with the latest news, photos and more. So be sure to bookmark us for all of your Tyler needs. Thanks for visiting!

Welcome to your newest love triangle, PLL fans! It’s no secret that the cast of ABC Family’s hit series Pretty Little Liars are all ridiculously attractive—seriously, have you seen their hair?!—so it should come as no surprise that Rosewood’s hottest hunks and would be lining up for some TV lovin’. As part of E! Online’s PLL Week—aka the best week of the year—we caught up with stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn to get the exclusive update on their characters’ “rocky” relationship now that Hanna has offered her heart to a new beau.

Plus, we’ve got your sneak peek at Hanna’s new look and we’ve absolutely loving the shorter ‘do and the dark extensions, girl! Edgy Hanna has become our second favorite Hanna. FYI: Cheetos-loving Hanna will always be the first, duh. So now that Hanna and Travis are currently k-i-s-s-i-n-g, what does this mean for Caleb when he comes back to town? “I think in the beginning it’s going to be a little bit difficult,” Benson spilled. “Caleb now knows that Travis is her boyfriend, and for Hanna, she finally moved on and accepted that she can be with somebody else.”

But fret not Haleb fans! Benson promised that Hanna and Caleb will be sharing a “really fun” storyline together in season five. Plus, Blackburn teases that there will always be “hope” for a rekindled romance. Hope, that’s all we need.
Take a look at our exclusive interview above with the Pretty Little stars for your Haleb fix, Benson’s hilarious explanation of why she loves Hanna’s new look, and a Caleb/Toby bromance update. Spoiler alert: There’s an amazing comic book reference!


Trisha: You guys are only talking about Emison and Ezria in all your Pretty Little Liars Scoop, but what about Haleb?!
We’ve got to warn you, our Hanna is going to be going through quite a bit of changes in this upcoming season. We’ll let executive producer Joseph Dougherty explain it all to you: “Hanna’s look is going to be adjusted, Hanna’s attitude is going to be adjusted. Caleb and Hanna have both changed, and they’ve both had experiences that the other one is un-privy to,” the showrunner said. “And in both cases for their experiences, they really aren’t at liberty to discuss it, and they’re both personally under a lot of stress inside. So I think both of them are kind of looking to the other to kind of say, ‘Take me back to that safe place where I once was before.'”


A handsome face is returning to Rosewood!
Tyler Blackburn, star of Ravenswood, Pretty Little Liars’ short-lived spinoff, is putting his ghostly adventures behind him and moving back home. Yes, the fan favorite actor is packing his bags and will return to the smash drama early in the fifth season.

Blackburn revealed the news of Caleb’s return in a brief appearance on ABC Family’s YouTube series, Behind The Curtain, Wednesday afternoon. “I’ve got some big news,” the star teased. “I’m heading back to Rosewood and I will be back this summer on Pretty Little Liars. Thank you so much for all of your support, I love you guys.”
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In addition to moving back, Blackburn has also been bumped up to a full-fledged series regular in the mystery thriller and will continue to aid the liars in their quest to discover who “A” is.

Blackburn, 27, recently starred in Ravenswood, a supernatural spinoff centered on a town not far from Rosewood, Penn., which had been suffering after being hit with a deadly curse for generations. Shortly after the season one finale, a rep confirmed to E! News that ABC Family would not be ordering additional episodes of the spooky series and therefore would not be returning for a second season.
Fans know and love Caleb as Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) on-again-off-again boyfriend. When we last saw Haleb together, our couple parted on amicable terms and left the door open to possibly rekindle their romance in the future. However, nowadays Hanna has been spending her time smooching with new beau Travis (Luke Kleintank). Looks like we’ve got a new love triangle showdown headed our way in Pretty Little Liars’ fifth season!


While relaxing on the beautiful Dolphin Island, Tyler Blackburn took some time out to have a candid chat with us about his first, and from the sound of it – not last trip to Fiji; his future acting plans, life and professional aspirations and where you might see him next.

Ravenswood has given up the ghost. ABC Family has cancelled the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, TVLine has learned. The supernatural drama followed the spooky goings-on in a Pennsylvania town and starred Liars‘ Tyler Blackburn.

In light of the cancellation, Ravenswood‘s Feb. 4 episode, which wrapped its 10-episode freshman season, was also its series finale.


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