Tyler strips down for NaKeD

On Sep 23rd, 2013

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Fans of ABC’s hit teen-drama Pretty Little Liars know Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers, a street smart, bad-boy computer hacker. Though Blackburn insists that he does relate to the character of Caleb, he admits that they share little in common, adding, “I’m not computer savvy or technological in any way!”While Blackburn may not be the man to wire your stereo system, he’s definitely the guy you want on DJ duty. In addition to being arguably the nicest guy in LA, Blackburn has the most artfully curated playlist that you’ll ever hear. As Alt-J, James Vincent McMorrow and The Black Keys blasted throughout the set, I became less concerned with our photo shoot as I began to plot a strategy to jack his iPod.

Mr. Blackburn isn’t exactly a bad-boy either; determined not to become a Hollywood cliche’, Mr. Blackburn believes in forgoing the fast life and opting instead for a life of hiking, surfing and music. “You [don't] have to live some sort of crazy lifestyle with clubs and that sort of thing to be successful. A lot of people go that route, but I think right now is the perfect time to really map out what kind of career you want, so if you live that kind of life, it’s definitely a slippery slope.”

And it appears that Blackburn’s strategy is working; on April 30th, it was announced that the actor was the first to be cast in the supernaturally charged Pretty Little Liars spinoff, Ravenswood, premiering in October. With his character headed to the big leagues, Blackburn’s focused on marking the right career choices and striking a balance that’s often hard to achieve as a young actor.

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Be sure to check out a second sneak peek of next week’s Pretty Little Liars, under the cut!

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